Case Study 4

Technical Director
Aircraft Lessor

Following on from our search for a Marketing SVP, we were subsequently engaged by the same lessor again to search for an experienced Technical Director, who would be responsible for all engineering issues for their fast growing international fleet. Their current portfolio was predominantly narrowbodies, however one of their key criteria was that the Technical Director had wide variety of expertise in all types of aircraft as they are actively considering acquiring a portfolio of these large aircraft.

The successful candidate placed into the role had over 25 years industry experience, and is already making a major impact on the current remarketing planning process within this lessor. As well as his primary technical responsibilities, he is also able to assist them to grow their in-house knowledge of all technical challenges, which they may face in the coming years.

In his previous role, he was the CEO of a major part-out business on the West Coast of the US and he recently moved to Ireland with his family take up his new assignment.